A recovering event planner, Erin wants to share the styling and tools of the trade she's learned over the years.  

With a degree in thought was "What now?" Event planning eventually found me or I found it. As a child I loved looking at parties ideas and helping my mom decorate for holidays and parties. With years of dance lessons, where you learn and practice a routine for months, and then it's all over in 3 minutes when you perform it. Doing events only made sense...months of preparing, hours of prepping and then it's all over in 3 hours.

This blog will be my escape to share the part of celebrating I love, which is hosting, styling and coming up with a theme. As I'm learning to DJ, I would also like to share my curated playlists.

I worked as a non-profit event planner, I've had my share of stories. The podcast will feature stories my co-host Courtney and I have experienced, and we'll applaud the people we've worked with or know that have braved leaving to either start a new career or business.